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Ariodante is Handel's 29th Italian opera and the first lyric work he wrote specifically for the brand new Covent Garden theatre. Along with Alcina, also written in 1735, it was one of the last Italian works to earn Handel fame in London. Handel's creativity can be heard in each number here: mainly in the vocal writing, which unfolds through new expressive devices and by broadening the musical vocabulary, which is not averse to borrowing from French material. Handel is at the peak of his art here, in a perfect demonstration of colourful lyric writing in all of the subtlest shades.


Joyce DiDonato - Ariodante
Christiane Karg - Ginevra
Joélle Harvey - Dalinda
David Portillo - Lurcanio
Matthew Brook - Re di Scozia
Sonia Prina - Polinesso
Nicholas Scott - Odoardo

Harry Bicket - Conductor
The English Concert