• There is no application fee when applying for the FEDORA Prizes. However, the lead company needs to be a FEDORA member. (Affiliate membership starts at €500 per year.)
  • Applications can only be submitted in English online on the official website www.fedora-circle.com. The applying team must designate one contact person representing the lead Opera House/ Festival where the new opera or ballet creation will be staged in 2017/2018. This person is in charge of submitting the complete application online and must remain the key contact person of the project for FEDORA and the FEDORA Prize sponsors.
  • The lead Opera House/ Festival is in charge of managing the FEDORA Funds and responsible for submitting activity reports about the actual fund investment.
  • The winner of the FEDORA Prizes will sign a contract on behalf of the co-producing partners with FEDORA. This agreement document outlines the terms and conditions of the transfer of the FEDORA Funds, FEDORA membership of the co-producing partners and communications.
  • Opera Europa as well as the jury members are assigned to apply the following evaluation criteria

Innovation: What is innovative about the opera or ballet creation?

Differentiation: How does the opera or ballet creation differentiate itself?

Relevance: In what way is the content and artistic work relevant today and in the future?

Inspiration: How can this work inspire artists and audiences?

Feasibility: Is the realization of this project realistic, especially regarding budget and partners involved in the project?

Sustainability: How high is the probability that this opera or ballet creation will be staged and re-produced in the future?