donors: € 750/year

(250 € membership fee/year + as of € 500 donation/year)

A first step to entering the FEDORA community and to benefit from FEDORA’s service portfolio.

Major Donors: € 1,500/year

(500 € membership fee/year + as of € 1,000 donation/year)

As a member of this category, you can benefit from FEDORA’s VIP- Ticket Service that gives you on demand access to performances at opera houses and festivals in Europe.

Benefactors: € 5,000/year

(1,500 € membership fee/year + as of € 3,500 donation/year)

This is the right membership category for you, if you wish that FEDORA creates on demand customised group packages for you and your guests at opera houses and festivals in Europe.

Founding Member: € 10,000/year

(€ 10,000 donation/year)

As a Founding Member of FEDORA, you will have, in addition to the previous categories’ benefits, unlimited on demand access and full involvement in the FEDORA community, as your donation will support the organisation of the FEDORA Prizes competition.

For more information, please contact
Edilia Gänz
Director of FEDORA
Phone: +33 (0)1 58 18 65 20



The recent turbulences have reconfirmed my conviction that it is important to encourage a united Europe of solidarity. FEDORA contributes to the strengthening and promotion of European creativity in the fields of opera and ballet. I hope that initiatives in other areas will follow FEDORA’s path.
— Docteur Léone Noëlle Meyer, Individual Founding Member
Art should be important to all of us. With a special emphasis on opera and classical ballet. Because they are performing arts and they are at the core of Europe’s artistic identity. Supporting opera and ballet on a European level serves two purposes: it contributes both to the sustainability of an essential creative process and to the construction of Europe through the enhancement of our common culture. Lyric and choreographic arts define who we are as Europeans. That is why, for me, supporting Fedora was the obvious thing to do.
— Gianmarco Monsellato, Individual Founding Member