Corporate MEMBER: € 10,000/year

A first step to have special access to opera houses and festivals in Europe, through FEDORA’s service portfolio, and visibility in FEDORA’s communications.

corporate donor: € 20,000/year

In addition to the previous category’s benefits, enable your company’s stakeholders to gain backstage access at opera houses and festivals in FEDORA’s network.

corporate founding member: € 30,000/year

In addition to the previous categories’ benefits, exclusive access to the FEDORA Prizes competition to meet the world renown jury members and winning artistic teams.
Our corporate founding members are featured throughout our communications, creating a strong brand association.


For more information, please contact
Edilia Gänz
Director of FEDORA
Phone: +33 (0)1 58 18 65 20


As a growing fintech startup, Anaxago connects private investors with young entrepreneurs. The platform aims at funding the real economy and tomorrow’s growth thanks to the help of its growing community. As we do every day, FEDORA helps the young and creative on their journey to renew the world of ballet and opera. Anaxago and Fedora share the same values : helping young creators to develop their innovative projects and contribute to the future of our society.
— Joachim Dupont, François Carbone and Caroline Lamaud, Founders, Corporate Donor
As an international group of law firms, CARLARA manages transnational projects, meeting our clients’ local needs in Paris, Brussels, and more globally through our international alliance.
FEDORA helps us develop our international client relations and provides our business partners with high quality customized services giving them access to outstanding performances at opera houses and festivals, enriching their lives through meaningful experiences. We are delighted to collaborate closely with FEDORA and wish to contribute to the development of this unique initiative.
— Edouard de Lamaze, President, Corporate Member
Together with our partners, the Compagnie des Alpes builds projects that generate unique leisure experiences for a large audience, as opposed to standardized concepts. Sharing numerous values with FEDORA such as passion, commitment and excellence, we are proud to encourage creativity and innovation through this partnership.
— Sandra Picard, Director of Communication, Corporate Member
In our market, innovation is in high demand and something to be championed. As a pioneer in the virtual data room space and most recently in the automation of the due diligence process, Drooms is thrilled to ally itself with FEDORA and support an initiative that develops creativity in the performing arts.
— Alexandre Grellier, CEO, Corporate Member
Faber-Castell as a creative companion for life has been naturally looking at initiatives that promote creativity and bring beauty to daily life. That’s the way we see the FEDORA project which aims at discovering new talents and works of art on a global scale and is changing the perception of ballet and opera. Therefore, we could only join this fantastic initiative and support it as much as we can!
— Philippe Dayron, Managing Director, Corporate Member
FEDORA supports creativity and innovation. That’s exactly what we’re doing every day for entrepreneurs who create their business and need a high-quality payment solution to grow and scale. We feel we share the same values and love for Arts.
— Pierre Lion, VP Growth, Corporate Member